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Taking antibiotics to help you conquer a bacterial infection is sometimes necessary.  But it puts you at higher risk of ending up with an overgrowth of candida yeast, and this can present some major challenges to getting pregnant.

Candida overgrowth can affect the endocrine and reproductive system causing hormonal imbalance.  Once candida has overgrown and spread to the blood stream, it makes hormonal imbalance much worse.

Candida overgrowth produces many different toxins which wreak havoc on the immune system and may also contribute to hormonal problems and subfertility.    It can actually produce “false estrogen” which tricks the body into thinking that it has produced enough estrogen.  When the body thinks it has produced enough, it stops producing estrogen.

If the body stops producing estrogen (due to the “false estrogen” signals), this can lead to progesterone dominance, a hormone candida loves!

Similar “false” messages can also be sent to the thyroid, reducing thyroxin production – another critical hormone needed for reproduction.

Short term broad spectrum antibiotic use kills not only the bad bacteria, but the good bacteria that keep yeast in check and repeated doses of antibiotics can disrupt the endocrine system in a similar way to corticosteroids.

The endocrine system governs the acid-alkaline balance in the vagina, which is usually slightly acidic.  If the endocrine system decides to raise the pH level in the vagina, making it alkaline, the vaginal wall which usually has good bacteria protecting it, will be taken over by a fungus that likes an alkaline environment – Thrush or Candidiasis.

In order to get rid of thrush permanently, you need to return the vagina to its naturally acidic state in a gentle way.  Drastic treatment may get rid of the thrush, but the then a certain strain of bacteria could set in bringing as many problems as the thrush itself.

Beneficial  or “good” bacteria help you digest food, absorb nutrients, build immunity, manufacture important vitamins and minerals, and regulate blood sugar all of which give you a better chance of getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy.

Replenishing the good bacteria with probiotic treatment after a course of antibiotics can quickly bring balance back into the body helping you to avoid candida overgrowth which can cause hormonal imbalance and ultimately a more difficult time conceiving.

One of the best probiotics I’ve found is Enzymatic Therapy’s Acidophilus Pearls.  These are tiny little “pearls” that deliver over 900% more intact flora to the intestines than most other brands.  I take them and I give them to my children too.  You can also eat plain yogurt to get some probiotic benefit, but if you need therapeutic dosages (which you will after antibiotics) then it’s best to take a probiotic supplement.

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